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Monday, Nov 04, 2013 / Source: George Callister
Callister Prayer Letter
       George & Nancy Callister
Dear Friends,

It has been a rather long while since we sent you a personal update on the Callister family, so we thought it might be appropriate to bring you up to date, and to thank you for your faithful support and prayers for the ministry to which God has led us.
You should be up to date on the happenings of most of our work with Grace Mission through the mission newsletter and updates, but there are a couple of other things going on with us.  If you have missed the mission updates, you can find them on the mission website:  There you can read the latest newsletter on the “News” page, and sign up to receive the monthly newsletter.
First the children.  Son Bill and his wife Meg, are living in Arizona, and working at Huachuca Oaks Christian Camp.  Bill has been serving as Food Service manager, and helping with some of the grounds and building maintenance as needed.  He has been repairing/rebuilding lawn equipment and helping with some of the building remodeling work.  He just completed his Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, and is several courses into his Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.  Meg has been helping as needed in housekeeping along with the family responsibilities, and is home schooling the children.  You probably know they have three children, Colin (8), Orrin (5) and Echo (2).  They are living in a 35 foot travel trailer as they wait for the possibility of moving into a house on the camp property.  They have been living in the trailer for almost a year- two adults, three kids and a large dog.  Please pray for them as they seek God’s direction for the future.
Daughter Carli and her husband Rob, are still living in upstate NY, on the dairy farm.  They recently bought a business, a bread route, and Rob keeps very busy with that, along with some work on the farm, as needed.  They have five children, Emma (7), Robby (5), Madison (4), Janine (3) and the newest, Ryleigh Anne, just born October 19.  Obviously Carli stays busy with home and family, and she does occasionally help out in the barn, and also home schooling the children.
We are keeping busy with church (Grace Fellowship of West Palm Beach) and mission, and enjoying the children and grandchildren, as we have opportunity to spend time with them.  George, as Director of Grace Mission keeps busy with office work, trips to Haiti, and visiting churches in the US, for the mission.  He is also on the Board of Elders of our church, and recently was given the responsibility, along with a couple of other elders, of overseeing the missions department of the church.  He also teaches one of the Adult Bible Fellowship groups at the church.  Nancy helps out in the mission office, as needed, along with organizing the fellowship times for the ABF, and has been appointed as Choir Director for the church, and works with the music department.  She also is involved with the Miche bag business, in partnership with a close friend.
We would appreciate prayer for us as we balance our time and responsibilities.  We have now been in full time church and missions ministry for just over thirty years (George was ordained in 1981), and as the years seem to have zipped past, we cannot imagine having done, or doing, anything else, and have been blessed by God beyond words.  You, who have stood with us, prayed for us and given to our financial support have been such a blessing to us, and words cannot begin to express our thanks to you for standing with us for all these years.  Of course we are a long way from being done.  As George approaches the ripe old age of 60, by God’s grace and His direction, we intend to stay in ministry and missions as long as brain and body hold together, or the Lord returns or just takes us home.  God has been so good to us.  As someone has said, “God is good every day, but especially today!”
Thanks so much,
George & Nancy Callister
9812 Galleon Drive
Royal Palm Beach, FL  33411
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